Organic Pomade


We are excited to announce the launch of our organic pomade.

After months of development and formulation we have created a product that can be used as both a styling pomade and it beard balm giving form and hold to both hair and beard.The USDA certified organic pomade is a hair product that is actually good for your hair. It contains essential nutrients and vitamins to encourage healthy growth and maintain full volume. The organic pomade contains no parabens, sulfates, synthetic colors or harsh chemicals that are common in other hair styling products. The ingredients in this product are hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people sensitive to traditional hair products. Many hair products including pomades and gels contain harsh chemicals that can damage hair and dry out your scalp. Our product is so gentle that it is easily washed out and will not do damage to your hair if left in overnight. This organic styling pomade has the use of a professional hair product without the nasty chemical content. Having style should be natural.  

How to apply pomade

Rub our pomade in palms and fingers and apply to damp hair. Hair should be damp to remain malleable for styling but not so wet that it can't absorb the natural oils of the pomade. Using both hands, massage pomade into your hair from both sides. Spike your hair upwards giving you access to the bottom of each hair follicle. This will help evenly distribute the product, prevent dreaded clumpiness, and improve hold. Start by using a teaspoon size amount of pomade and add more as needed for desired look and hold.  For maximum hold try using a blow dryer after applying pomade. Don't over-do it on the blow dryer though, be sure to keep blower at least 8 inches from hair and try using the cool air feature if your blow dryer has it.

One product, two ways to use it

Mystic Man organic styling pomade can be used in both hair and beard. Using our product as an organic beard balm brings both softness, conditioning, and control. Did you ever wonder how to control stray beard hairs? Use a dollop of organic styling pomade on a damp beard and give some shape to your beard. Say goodbye to stray beard hairs for good.

Sedr power

Just like our organic beard oil, we added sedr (ziziphus) extract to our styling pomade to further enhance its ability to make your hair look amazing. The sedr in the pomade conditions and protects hair as well as encourages healthy growth.

Subtle scent organic fragrance

Our product uses USDA certified organic essential oils to add a light lemongrass fragrance. Other hair products list the term ‘fragrance’ as an ingredient supposedly to protect their ‘secret formula’ but according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Database, fragrance mixes have been associated with allergic reactions, respiratory problems, dermatitis, and potential effects on reproductive organs.


A medium flexible hold

Our pomade is ideal for natural styles. The styling effect will remain flexible rather than hardening that is required for extreme styles such as spiked mohawks and long length pompadour.  Use a comb for more defined lines or use your hands for a more messy/natural look. Check out our organic pomade/ beard balm here.