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Encinitas, CA – It is relatively popular to grow out one’s facial hair--including the beard--during the cold winter months, when it can become a facial sweater of sorts. But, it takes a particular kind of man to do so in the summer. Many beard novices automatically shave off their beards as soon as the weather hits the mid-80s, thinking facial hair is bad news when anything extra on one’s body can irritate the skin and make you feel even hotter. But, is this notion necessarily true? The Benefits of Wearing a Beard in the Summer

  • A study in Australia put a series of bearded mannequins outside to face the sun, discovering that a hairy face can indeed block out some of the sun’s rays. This doesn't mean you should never wear sunscreen, as many people get sunburned on their parting line on the scalp. However, a beard does provide some protection from the sun, so if you do not reapply sunscreen--it won't hurt you as much as if you face were completely bare.
  • Some men claim that the beard actually has a cooling effect. The beard traps some sweat, which cools down as it evaporates, cooling down your face and neck.
  • While others are sneezing away every time a breeze picks up, you can breathe easy. Beards are like natural filters, trapping dust and pollen, and not allowing them to trigger allergies.
  • By wearing a summer beard, you establish an unrelenting stance, declaring to the world that beard is best.
Tips for Enjoying the Summer with a Beard
  • Go shorter. Trim the beard closer to your face. That way, the general shape of the beard you love remain similar, but some of the bushiness is gone.
  • For ultra-long beards, either go shorter, or--if this is unfathomable, ask your barber to take some of the volume down for the season.
  • Use beard conditioner or a small amount of beard oil evenly spread through. It will help the skin beneath your beard to stay soft and nourished, making a better foundation for your beard. It will also protect your skin from the nicks you may get from a shorter beard style. Do not use too much product, as it will be more obvious in the glistening sun and also weigh down your beard hair.
  • Cleanse your beard gently with warm water after a particularly sweaty day, to keep it fresh, without drying it out. Dab your fingers lightly into beard oil and lightly run through the beard before bed. That should be sufficient for preparing it for a full day of sun exposure and swimming pool chlorine.
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