Culver City, CA - Growing out your beard is not as simple of a task as it sounds. You’ll find yourself going through this transitionary phase where errant hairs get unruly and need to be neatened. That is, if you don’t want the “transient” look. This is where proper beard trimming comes into play. But the debate rages on: Should you use clippers to trim your beard or are scissors the superior tool for the job? Here’s the breakdown so that you can grow your beard in style, no matter where you are in the growth stage.


You’ve Decided to Cut Your Beard with Scissors


When it comes to simplicity, scissors win the clippers vs. scissors debate hands down. You don’t need to choose the proper shield guards, and nothing needs to be plugged in. However, make sure the scissors you’re using are fairly new or at least sharpened well. The last thing you want is a bunch of split ends staring people in the face when you greet them in public. Sharp scissors will trim your beard nicely. Dull scissors might have you turning to clippers anyway to shave your whole beard off to start anew. Don’t let such a thing happen to you.

Trimming with scissors also takes a long time. Do you really want to block a whole weekend just to make sure your beard is presentable? Though, if you’re a perfectionist and have a lot of time on your hands, scissors will allow you to control the “trim” to your exact preference.


Are Beard Clippers the Superior Trimming Option?


Unlike scissors, which can have you standing in front of your bathroom mirror all weekend, clippers are quick and efficient, and you’re more likely to get a uniform trim with a little electric help.

The drawbacks to clippers? Well, they tend to come with a variety of small parts, like shield guards, that are easy to lose (and break). You also need to buy oil for the clippers to keep them working properly, and you must have a source of electricity.

There is one more drawback that should be mentioned. All it takes is a single sneeze or sleight of hand to form a hole in your beard. Again, you might find yourself shaving the whole thing off to start fresh.

The lesson? Scissors will allow you to carefully trim your beard to your specific liking, as long as you have the time. But you must have a newer or sharp pair of scissors, or else they’ll end up being more trouble than they’re worth. Cutting beard hairs with dull scissors can also hurt. Who needs all that?

The superior shave comes from beard clippers. Keep your guards in a safe place, care for the trimmers properly, and go very slowly when shaving all those errant hairs. As long as you have a place to plug the clippers in and you have a little bit of patience, you could be trimmed and out the door in a flash.

Use Both for a Superior Beard Trim

SScissors vs. Clippers


Of course, there’s no hard and fast rule that says you can’t use both tools in the fight against beard shag. With clippers, you can shave your neck line how you want it, trim those large patches of errant hairs, then use scissors for the detail work.

After you’ve successfully trimmed your beard, and for the best results, make sure you always have a USDA certified beard oil on hand. Slathering on quality beard oil will give you supreme confidence that you have one of the best-looking beards in town.

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