Culver City, CA – Looking to get rid of extra curls in your beard? Does growing your beard out tend to cause more curls to appear? Know that you’re not alone. Even if the hair that grows from your scalp is straight, beard hair follicles are flat and more sensitive to androgens, the sex hormones created during and after puberty. The longer your beard grows, the curlier and shaggier these hairs can appear.

How do you get rid of unwanted curls? You must train your beard to lay and look the way you want. It all starts with a morning beard care ritual that will leave your beard not only straighter but also smoother and softer to the touch.


Organic Beard Oil

A quality beard oil or soothing balm acts as the cornerstone to any beard care ritual. A good beard oil comes with a soothing scent, an active amount of coconut oil for beards, and will seep down into the hair, contributing to a softer texture that is easier to manage.

It is recommended that you accompany the oil with an organic beard shampoo and body wash. Work the shampoo into your beard, then rinse out thoroughly during a hot shower. Then, step out to begin your morning ritual while your beard is still damp.


Combing Out the Curls

After stepping out of the shower, start to rub the beard oil into your beard. Start with the underside of your beard and work your way to the tops and sides. Use the tips of your fingers to massage the oil through your beard, taking care that every follicle is covered.

Next, use a beard comb and/or brush to work out any kinks, knots, and curls. If you have never combed your beard before, you may find a few more painful knots than you’d prefer. Work them out slowly and use a blow dryer for assistance so that you don’t tear any hairs from your chin and neck. The more you engage in a morning beard care ritual, the fewer knots and kinks you’ll be forced to contend with.

You may find that your beard appears longer the more you comb it out. This is a natural effect of un-curling. You have more mass to work with, and a longer beard once those kinks are laid flat.

Daily Care for Softer Beards

Natural Beard Oil

This morning ritual will train your beard hairs to take on a flatter consistency so that you don’t have to work with it as much. Even after combing, you are going to encounter the occasional curl. Use an electric beard trimmer or pair of scissors designed for beard trimming to cut away any curls or split ends, taking great care not to cut too much away. You’ve spent too long growing your beard. The last thing you want to do is shave and start all over.

Still, this daily care routine will leave your beard smooth and soft, and any scratchiness you may have felt before should also disappear. Softer skin is yet another benefit of using a USDA certified organic beard oil; the all-natural ingredients moisturize the skin underneath while they condition and straighten your beard. If you like to wear a beard, beard oil makes the experience all the better.

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