Culver City, CA – Beards have come a long way in recent history. It used to be that beards marked men of lower status. If you sported a beard during this era, you were assumed to be an outlaw, lumberjack or deep sea fisherman. These days, beards are sported by white and blue collars alike, and men who wear beards are more intent than ever to take their whiskers to the next level. Beard Oil for Men Who Want More from Their Facial Hair With facial hair becoming more prevalent, beard care products are becoming increasingly popular, but none have gained traction quite like beard oil. Beard oil made from all-organic materials infuses facial hair with much-needed nutrients to promote healthy growth. The result is a luxurious beard that is soft to the touch, and that allows the man to take pride in his grooming habits and appearance. Stand Out & Stand Tall When used regularly, beard oil keeps a man’s facial hair shiny and smooth, enhancing his attractiveness, which in turn boosts his self-esteem. Without beard oil, men’s facial hair can become dry and coarse with tight curls that tend to grow in all directions. The result is a beard that detracts from a man’s appearance. Some might call it the hobo look. Without beard oil to condition facial hair and the skin underneath, dandruff and irritated skin can result. Beard oil contains compounds of all-natural mixtures that not only soften beard hair and soothe the skin underneath, but some also offer an enticing scent.

How to Apply Beard Oil Once the man has chosen a USDA-approved, organic beard oil, he should begin by applying a healthy amount to his beard and the skin underneath. The amount used will differ depending on the length of the man’s beard and his personal preference. For best results, the skin under the beard should have a thin layer of oil so that moisturization can take place. Then the man can begin working the oil throughout his beard until all hairs are coated. Men with long beards might have to use a comb or brush to spread the oil, and to avoid missing hairs.

Taking Beard Growing to the Next Level Beards come in many lengths, colors, and styles, but all beards can benefit from a regular beard care regimen. A regimen that includes an organic beard oil, possibly one with a distinct scent such as coconut, can give men of all walks of life a whole new lease on life. To learn more about USDA-approved, organic beard oil for a softer, smoother beard, visit About Us: Mystic Man invites beard lovers to redefine their beard and awaken the mystic within, offering 100% organic beard oil that’s USDA-approved and designed for soft, smooth, and silky beards. © 2017 Mystic Man. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Mystic Man is credited as sole source. Linking to other sites from this document is strictly prohibited, with the exception of herein imbedded links.