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Culver City, CA - Beards are mighty popular. In fact, it’s said that 55% of men have some type of beard, whether it’s the big bushy kind or a simple goatee.

But why do we grow them?

Scientists suspect that we developed facial hair – including beards – as a way to intimidate others and stand out among other clean-shaven men.

Think that’s crazy?

Here are seven insane facts about beards that will make you stroke yours and say, “Hmm.”

1. Touching a man’s beard in the Middle Ages was a big no-no.

beard in the Middle Ages

Think back to the time when you last offended someone.

I mean, really set them off so badly that they wanted to fight you.

Now imagine if all you did was touch the man’s beard.

That’s how it was in the Middle Ages. Beards were considered so sacred that merely touching another man’s facial hair was grounds for a duel.

2. Having a beard is good for your health.

black seed oil for beard

Bet you never know that having a beard on your face could keep you healthy.

In a study of 408 bearded male hospital workers, it was shown that men who shaved all their facial hair off were three times more likely to carry harmful bacteria on their faces.

And Dr. Shannon C. Trotter of the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center went so far as to say that having a beard keeps acne at bay.

“Want to maintain blemish-free skin?” he asked. His solution? “Stop shaving.”

3. Growing a beard gives others the impression that you can save the day.

Beard Man

Studies have shown that people flock to men with beards during a crisis.

So the next time you find yourself in an emergency situation, and you happen to have a beard, don’t be surprised if people run up to you asking what to do.

It’s like sitting in the emergency exit on an airplane.

With a beard comes massive responsibility.

4. Beards grow faster than you think.

Sunflower Beard Oil

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you never shaved your face? Turns out, scientists have the answer.

If you were to stop shaving right now and allowed your beard to grow, the hairs on your face would grow 5.5 inches per year and would continue until they reached the length of 27.5 feet.

In case you’re wondering, that’s about the length of a singles tennis court.

5. They give awards for the longest beards.

Sesame beard oil

Hans Langseth sported an impressive beard during his lifetime at 18 feet, 6 inches, which won him the Guinness World Record for longest male beard until his death in 1927. You can actually view his beard by visiting the Smithsonian to this day.

When Langseth died, the distinction of longest male beard went to Sarwan Singh of Surrey, British Columbia. Living and doing well, Singh’s beard measures 8 feet, 2 and-a-half inches. That put him in the record books back in 2011.

If you thought that males were the only ones to win awards for the lengths of their beards, think again.

The Guinness World Record holder for longest female beard went to Vivian Wheeler of Wood River, Illinois in 2014. Vivian suffers from hypertrichosis and was forced to start shaving at the tender age of seven.

She now wears a beard measuring 10 inches, which she grew out after the death of her mother and four divorces back in the early nineties.

6. You spend more time shaving than you think.


By growing a beard, you’re saving time that you would otherwise spend in the bathroom.

In fact, men who shave spend 3,350 hours of their life standing in front of the mirror.

Who has time for that?

As a man with a beard, you have more important things to do.

7. Men with beards are seen as more attractive.

handsome man

But of course, you knew this. That’s part of the reason you have a beard, isn’t it?

In a study where 351 women and 177 heterosexual men were asked to rate photos of 10 men based solely on attractiveness, health, and masculinity, the test subjects with 10-day facial growth were determined to be the most attractive by the women of the group.

The men who sported a full beard were seen as the most capable of being parents by both the women and men.

And men with light stubble scored the lowest in all categories, even when compared to men who were clean-shaven.

The moral of this story? A full beard makes you stronger, more capable of being a parent and sexy as all get out in the eyes of women everywhere.

Now that you know these facts about beards, it’s time to grow yours out and display it proudly.

You can then nourish your impressive facial hair by discovering the power of Mystic Man. The beard oil is specially formulated to moisturize the hair and your skin underneath, revitalizing them both and providing a neat, touchable beard that is hydrated and healthy.

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