Mystic Man has been included in the Ummah Wide list of Top Muslim Global Startups of 2016.

The list expounds on various ventures spearheaded by Muslim entrepreneurs in regional startup ecologies around the world from Silicon Valley to Istanbul, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, Singapore, Jakarta, London, New York City, Casablanca along with other cities and startup communities.

Mystic Man prides itself on premium quality beard care products, ingredients, and business practices as well as a guiding principle of giving back. Other notable companies included on the list of 50 global startups include:



Saffron Road. A great take on ready-made frozen meals. Saffron Road products are non-GMO, halal, sustainably farmed, antibiotic free, and 100% vegetarian fed, and are all being harvested on family-owned farms.


Port of Mokha. A coffee company bringing Yemeni coffee to the world market via Blue Bottle. Port of Mokha is Blue Bottle's most expensive offering at $16 a cup and $65 per 6 ounces!



Tiossan. Senegal's first luxury skincare brand. Tiossan features traditional West African skin remedies. Tiossan products are crafted around a traditional key ingredient, also found in Mystic Man beard grooming products, called Black Seed Oil, which has been used for centuries by Senegalese Sufi elders and is locally described as “The remedy for everything, except death.”