A man who has a pleasing personality and outstanding appearance surely gets his way through everything. Grooming is the key that unlocks the doors of positive attention for you, be it pleasing a lady or presenting the best version of yourself to get a better job. In this plastic world, your heart is only seen through the lens of your outward facing look. You will be viewed from head to toe and if you are well groomed, you are the man every woman yearns for. Gone are the days when grungy clothes and unkempt hair were attractive. The future belongs to men who are astute in grooming themselves. Here is a grooming rather a survival guide that every man must consider their modern man manual.


Smell pleasant:
The human brain is capable of remembering over 50,000 different scents. So, go out there and buy at least one for you to create a long lasting impression. Do not leave your home without wearing a cologne.  Meeting with a client, hanging out with friends and even grocery shopping can be made extra classy with a quality fragrance. During the day time, go for a light citrus scent but for night occasion, use musk based scent. Do not go overboard or you will end up being “that guy.”


Manscaping is the indispensable aspect of grooming. The most important area is your face then the rest. You can chose to either trim, shave or wax but you do not have an option to leave the hair as it is and think you will be appreciated. I am being harsh here but the truth is, you will be judged for ignoring this. Choose the beard that perfectly complements your hairstyle.


Invest in your smile:
A great smile is surely a gratuity but what makes the smile great is the teeth that you chose to reveal at the occasion. Simple flossing and regular brushing of your teeth won’t do the trick. Regularly visit your dentist and ensure that your teeth are properly taken care of. Opting for whitening strips every few months will update the brightness of your smile as well.

Tone up:
Never underestimate the power of a perfectly toned body at any point of your life. An untoned body is a people repellent that you must do your best to bring in shape. If you do not want to visit the gym then turn your room into a gym using your own bodyweight in lieu of dumbbells and benches. After all what is the point of wearing expensive brands to impress when you have a gut.

Grow a Well Kept Beard:
Keeping a decent beard goes hand in hand with using a beard oil/beard balm. Having a daily regiment of applying Mystic Man beard oil not only relieves itching, but promotes healthy growth, allowing important anti-oxidants and nutrients to infuse each hair follicle.  Men concerned with how to grow a beard faster will find that using beard oil in the morning, and before going to bed will increase the volume of growth over a shorter period of time.