Designer-Artist Asma Inam can be seen on tumbler and Instagram dropping amazing illustrations, but as of recent, we’ve noticed a propensity of bearded men streaming from her statuses. It peaked our interest and we reached out to learn more.

MM: Asma, why are you obsessed with making bearded illustrations?
AI: I never knew I was obsessed with illustrating bearded men, until I had a look through my sketchbooks, and what do you know, bearded men everywhere.
When it comes to drawing, I take a lot of inspiration from different avenues and well, with the rise of a beard gang becoming more and more popular, it only made sense to eventually be inspired by it.

MM: How long have you been illustrating?
AI: My mother would probably like to say that I started at the tender age of 3, when I first scrawled on her beautiful white walls, but that was just the beginning.
I had always drawn but, it all started more seriously when I was studying Graphic Design in College. I had this great Illustration professor named Stephane Denis, who is a phenomenal illustrator. He was such an inspiring guy, his own passion for illustrating and his overall presence was such a driving force and reason for me to keep pushing myself creatively. More importantly, he always reminded me of the importance of having fun while being creative, which I believe is key.

MM: What is your favorite beard style in real life?
AI: I can never be mad at a groomed beard; long, short, I love em’ all. Plus, i’m slightly obsessed with Nick Wooster’s beard, so silver and so perfect, am I right?! MM: Indeed, Nick Wooster displays high level beard mastery.

What is your favorite aspect of creating art?
The process, and the finished product.
That nervous feeling you get when you look at a blank canvas, whether it be digital or analog, and not knowing whether what’s in your mind garden will come into full fruition. But man does it ever feel good, when what you were imagining comes to form in front of you. I love that moment.