Whether you’re rocking the Johnny Cash pompadour, an edgy Ivan Drago high flat-top, or have natural curls, by now you’ve probably figured out that pomade is a must for keeping your hair and mystique in check. What makes a great pomade is a combination of control, moisture, and of course... shine. Nothing is worse than applying product to your hair, only to have it come undone or lose it’s luster just as you’re about to pick your date up for the evening.

If you’re like most guys, your drugstore pomade works like a charm. After all, that’s what it’s supposed to do right? But take a little gander at the ingredients listed and you’ll soon find out you’ve been doing a lot more to your hair than keeping it styled… you’ve actually been damaging it.

Most pomades on the market these days are chemically loaded, which means your scalp and hair are soaking up all that bad stuff whether you like it or not.

So what’s the alternative? How are you supposed to stay clear from these heavy, unnatural ingredients while still maintaining your style?


Getting Back To Basics With Natural Pomade

Back in the day of vintage barber shops, barbers were craftsmen who made their own pomades and other potions. These men took pride in their work and only sought to use the best for their clients. Instead of using chemicals, petroleum, and man-made fragrances on your hair, natural pomades have a way of connecting you with traditions of yesteryear while keeping your hair and scalp healthy.


4 Reasons You Should Be Using An All Natural Organic Pomade


Okay, before you get carried away with your thoughts, natural doesn’t have to mean “hippy-dippy” or whatever you like to call it. Even though the use of natural grooming products is gaining popularity, if you’re like most men you’re still a bit unsure.


So let’s get a few things straight about our Organic Styling Pomade

It Smells Damn Good

One of the biggest reasons guys are unsure when it comes to using anything natural is the smell. Hey, we know you like to smell good for the ladies (or dudes, we’re not judging), so what you put on your hair (or beard) needs to give off a pleasant smell. Natural products sometimes get a bad rep because let’s face it, they can smell kinda funky. We don’t want to leave you in an awkward spot where smell is concerned which is why we added a blend of pure essential oils to our pomade to leave you with a fresh manly aroma.


It’s Good For Your Hair & Scalp

All natural, organic ingredients like, coconut oil, and olive oil not only help to add shine to your hair, they also act as sealants and go a long way in locking in moisture. It’s well known that coconut oil enhances the appearance, style and health of hair while simultaneously forming a protective barrier that keeps hair follicles strong and even repairs hair by preventing protein loss.


It’s Good For The Planet & Your Health

Typical pomades are made with ingredients that can not only dry hair out, but are incredibly bad for the environment. EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) Skin Deep Database is a great resource that’ll surely open up your eyes to the dangers of ingredients in typical hair products. With a ratings system that reveals health hazards, a quick search for “pomades” reveals multiple products in the “moderate” to “high” hazard range from popular brands. Our natural pomade on the other hand is safe enough to sleep in without causing damage to your health.

It Got A Firm Grip

“If it’s natural, how can it possibly hold my hair?”

Beeswax is a clean alternative for keeping hair in a tight hold while minimizing the unpleasant greasy feel that comes with typical drugstore pomades. The versatility of our Organic Styling Pomade means that it provides a hold that sets the hair but still allows to you to easily run your fingers through and adjust without the unpleasant flakey, or crunchy feel most pomades have.

With so many benefits, there’s no need to sacrifice your health for hold. Whether you have short, long, textured, curly, or straight hair, it’s time to ditch the chemicals and go the natural route. Still have questions? Leave us a comment below, we’ll get right back to you.