No one likes to have hair that looks and feels like a thorn bush. If you have a beard and your facial hair is rough, then it might create a problem for you when it comes to combing or simply running your fingers through. Instead of shaving and getting rid of the lifeless hair, it can be revived with the use of sedr, also known as ziziphus.

"My beard takes forever to grow"

Sedr can help. Sedr has been used for generations to promote healthy hair growth in dozens of Mediterranean cultures. Traditionally, pulverized sedr leaves are mixed with water and made into a thick paste. This paste is then applied to the hair and then washed out. Sedr is seen as one of the most effective natural hair treatments. Mystic Man products bring this ancient treatment to the modern day by using pure organic sedr extract and a variety of natural essential oils formulated to revitalize your hair and beard.

What is Ziziphus?

Ziziphus is a plant that grows widely in desert areas. The plant has religious significance as well it is believed to be the plant from which Christ’s crown of thorns was made. It is documented in hadith literature to have been used by the Prophet Muhammad as well. Sedr is used in Ayurvedic medicine as well as traditional Middle Eastern medicine. Sedr leaves are known to be effective for treating inflammation to skin rashes. The fruit of the plant is consumed widely across the world and is highly beneficial in treating skin diseases.

What are the benefits of Ziziphus?

  • Reviving natural shine of hair.
  • Promoting the growth of thicker hair, making roots strong hence reducing hair loss.
  • Hypoallergenic .
  • Adds more texture to the hair by giving a more dense look.
  • Provides extra protection from the sun and daily elements.