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Encinitas, California – Cleaning up after a beard grooming session leaves everyone cranky: you spend too much time trying to wipe the stray whiskers clinging to your porcelain and grout, and your coinhabitant is grossed out by your hair invading every square inch of the sink. Some people resort to going outside or into their bathtubs, but if you are looking for a majestic beard trimming, you’ll want to use your mirror above your bathroom sink for the best accuracy. There are ways to clean up hair, but the best way to have a clean bathroom is to prevent the mess in the first place.


- Keep It Dry – If you can keep your sink completely dry while cutting your hair, all of your hair can be easily vacuumed or swept up. - Plastic Bags or Newspaper – For quick clean up, line your sink with newspaper or plastic bags. If you use plastic bags, use two layered on top of one another. Increase the surface area of each bag by cutting down the seam, unfolding each bag to be twice as long. Dispose of the hair, shake it into your yard, or you can add it to a compost pile. - Poster Board – Use a poster board to block the sink completely. Take a poster board and lay it on top of your sink. Fold the top edge downwards so it hangs onto the top of your sink, and fold the bottom edge upwards so it catches any hair (think of it like a dustpan). - Tub/ Trash Can – Find a plastic tub or trash can that can fit into your sink and trim over it. It may be difficult to find one that fits your sink perfectly. - Towel/ Cloth – A towel or cloth can be used in the same way as the plastic bags or newspaper. Lay the cloth in the sink, then after grooming, shake it outside. The rest of the hairs will come out in the washer. - Bib – Get creative and repurpose an apron to catch all the stray hairs as you use your clippers. This manly bib hangs around your neck like an apron would, but the ends are suction cupped to your mirror, catching all stray hairs closely as you trim.

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Cleaning Up Afterwards

If you have any left-over hairs in the sink, the easiest way to clean up is by stopping your drain and filling the sink with water. Once your sink has water in it, you can skim the floating hair with a paper towel.

Hair Clogged in Your Sink – What Can You Do?

You can’t avoid a few hairs going down the drain, especially if your hair is coarse or long. If your pipe clogs, there are a couple of ways you can clear out your pipes (without calling a plumber or using something that is harmful to the environment): - Boiling Water – Boil some water and flush it down your pipes. This should dislodge any hair or melt any creams. - Pressurized Drain Opener – Give hair stuck in your drain an extra push with pressurized air (plus you can avoid any harmful chemicals) If neither of these work, you will want to call a plumber. Next time you trim your beard, use Mystic Man Beard Oil that is made of USDA certified organic essential oils—perfect for any beard length, and great for overall beard and skin health. Check out the Mystic Man website to see how 100% organic beard oil can mold the majestic beard you’ve always wanted. © 2018 Millionairium and Mystic Man. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Millionairium and Mystic Man is credited as sole source. Linking to other sites from this document is strictly prohibited, with the exception of herein imbedded links.