Hey guys, welcome to part 2 of our top organic skin tips for men, we hope you got some good stuff out of the last installment and are back and ready to get right back into it as we drop some more skin care knowledge. First, if you haven’t caught up yet, check out part 1 right here, then come back over here! Okay, all caught up? Good. Let’s get to it, let’s jump right into the next set of most commonly asked questions about organic skin care for men.

1. What are the best ingredients for men’s skin and how do they help? There are certain ingredients that are particularly beneficial for men’s skin and while you’re familiarizing yourself with our top 4 below, you should also get to know the differences between organic vs non organic ingredients in your skincare.

Coconut oil: Having made its rounds all over social media for the past couple years, coconut oil is more than just the perfect cooking companion to your organic diet (as a healthy fat), it’s actually the perfect nourishing and moisturizing ingredient for men’s skin - especially under the eye area and on your hands. Not to mention, coconut oil is a great conditioner for your hair.

Olive oil: More oil? Yep you read that right. Olive oil is helpful when applied to the skin before shaving as it leaves your skin smooth and nick free. It’ll also help give you a super close shave without the chemicals of regular shaving creams. Growing a beard? Use olive oil to soften your hairs, condition as it grows, and leave it shiny.

Salicylic Acid: Even though the word “acid” usually doesn’t mean anything good, Salicylic Acid is one of the clean ingredients you want to see on your skincare, especially your face wash. Containing anti-inflammatory ingredients (similar to aspirin), Salicylic Acid works as a powerful exfoliator and is especially beneficial for those with oily skin. This dermatologist favoured ingredient helps to also get rid of dark spots, blackheads, and acne with it’s gentle “peel” effect.

Aloe Vera: No matter what your day looks like, chances are your skin is constantly being exposed to environmental stressors (chemicals, air conditioning, sun exposure, etc) which wears it out. To help combat the effects of this, use an aloe vera based moisturizer or cream after washing your skin. With powerful anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties, your skin will be protected from burns, rashes, wrinkles, fine lines, and more.

2. Are there certain skincare products that do “double duty”? I don’t want to be using too many products. Usually it’s not recommended to use the same products for various parts of your body seeing that they’re all made for specific concerns. With that said, there are the unicorns out there that make it so much easier to go the minimalist route such as our upcoming Shampoo & Body Wash. Made with 6 certified organic ingredients, your skin and hair will be intensely nourished and help you cut down on the amount of products hanging around your shower.

3. I like to be tanned, is it really necessary to wear sunscreen if I’m not at the beach? Even though men age approximately 15 years slower than women, this doesn’t mean that you can expose your skin to the sun all you want just to get that just tanned look. Sunscreen not only protects your skin from aging prematurely, it also protects you from unwanted skin cancer. Be sure to apply daily before you go out. And hey, did you know that your skin can still burn in the middle of winter?